smartermail 2.0 module released

  • 31st March 2012

A new update for the whmcs smartermail addon is released:

Added features:

+whmcs 5 support

+Built in soap libs

+Admin addon for server management



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livedrive module update 2.3

  • 25th March 2012
A new update for the whmcs livedrive addon is released: Added features: +Livedrive account management from admin addon (WHMCS->addons-> NOTE: Any change made in the admin addon will not change the client product. For example if you suspend an account from the addon admin area the whmcs service will still show as ...
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cloudberrylab reseller addon released

  • 12th March 2012

A new whmcs addon for cloudberry reseller backup accounts has been released, more info about cloudberry in

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livedrive addon updated

  • 12th February 2012
Changelog ------------------ +Use of new suspend/unsuspend api +Random subdomain generation in case of invalid subdomain found +If the username field is empty  the account will use the client email, in case its not will use the specified username. Livedrive usernames MUST be emails. +Fixed upgrade account bug(will allow to add briefcase to ...
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