teamspeak 3 module updated 1.4

  • 4th August 2012
CHANGELOG---------------------+Improved admin area design+Improved client area design+Added hostbutton configuration in addon settings area for teamspeak 3 client advertisment.+Added welcome and host message in addon settings area.UPGRADE STEPS---------------------------Download the zip file from your client area-Upload the files in your whmcs ...
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whmcs livedrive 2.7 released

  • 1st August 2012
A new livedrive whmcs update has been released:CHANGELOG----------------------+Improved admin interface+Fixed bug in client area stats not displaying correctly when the service is a business account.+Added multilanguage translations to the order form subdomain check error message.+Now its possible to set a custom livedrive id in the service ...
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whmcs livedrive 2.6a hotfix releasex

  • 9th July 2012
+Disabled terminate button in admin addon(whmcs->addons->livedrive) Since the last whmcs security breach its more secure to only allow terminate bulk accounts in the livedrive panel. Note: Terminate button in client area will still work. + Fixed bug in "log in control panel" button in client area. + Custom field credentials now are sync ...
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livedrive 2.6 module released

  • 1st July 2012
whmcs livedrive module has been updated: CHANGELOG ------------------- + Modified the  password field in the admin addon to hide the password. + By popular request, added custom fields for livedrive username and password + Otimized upgrade process   Upgrade process: 1- Download the zip fiel from yoru client area and upload the files. 2- ...
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